CURE Newsletter | January 2024

Greetings CURE Supporters,

We are starting the New Year with exciting updates and promising developments within our project. Here is a roundup of the latest happenings:

New Project Leader

We would like to introduce you to Roman Hill from Organization and Jakob Graf from Technology, who together make up our Project Management team. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce Luisa Andrae as our new Chief Financial Officer.
With their ambition and experience from last season, they will lead our efforts this year.

Quiz Session Review

January was full of quiz sessions in preparation for the upcoming season. From qualifying quizzes to specialist sessions, our teams have been busy honing their knowledge and skills. Here are this year's results: FS Alpe Adria 40th place, FS Poland 2nd place, FS Germany 25th place, FS East 26th place.

Organization highlights
  • Finalized business cases for electromobility and autonomous driving in line with our experience in engaging and educating the next generation of STEM-students.
  • Exceptional performance by the sponsorship team, attracting new sponsors and strengthening partnerships.
  • Introduction of a comprehensive Excel workbook by the Controlling team to allow efficient budget management and analysis.
  • Developed a new IT infrastructure to support the implementation of a new PLM system to improve e.g. project management efficiency.
  • Data collection by the HR team to support informed people management decisions and to promote team sustainability and diversity.

Technology updates
  • Significant progress in the development of key components such as the inverter housing,  E-box and inverter heatsink.
  • Ongoing optimisation of the motor heatsink using CFD analysis.
  • Suspension drawings finalised, paving the way for manufacturing.
  • A milestone was reached with the assembly of the first circuit boards by the electronics team.
  • 1/3 of the battery container has already been manufactured - Completed the design of this year's gearbox.
As we embark on the 2024 season, we are full of anticipation and determination. Let's work together to make this year a resounding success!

Special thanks goes to our sponsors, without supporters like we would not be able to realize our plans.
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Kind regards, your CURE team

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